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Beth Likes TILISMA a lot

📖 I have 30 pages left in Every Summer After. I seriously debated staying awake to read the ending last night. I really like it! Spot those cute wooden page holders in the bottom right? Those were gifted by the lovely @tilisma_book_accessories and I love using them when I’m reading a chunky book!

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Beth likes TILISMA a lot 🥰

Good morning book friends! We made it past Monday yay! I got an amazing package in the mail last week from @tilisma_book_accessories and I’m so excited. I got a lovely wood letter opener that can also be used as a bookmark. I also received an angled and a heart page holder. They are absolutely stunning but also very practical tools. Thank you so much @tilisma_book_accessories! I have already started using them and highly recommend!

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Michelle who loves 𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕤𝕪, 𝕞𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕪 & 𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕠𝕣 enjoys TILISMA Bookends 😈📚

Happy Saturday bookworms!⁣

Today I’m showing off my new bookends from @tilisma_book_accessories and I am absolutely in LOVE with them!😍 I can finally have books on top of my bookshelf and create more room for myself.⁣

If you guys haven’t yet checked out @tilisma_book_accessories you definitely should they have a wide variety of different bookish items for that bookworm life.📚🖤⁣

Tilisma: Beautiful Reading Accessories – By Jeri 🍂

Jeri’s Blog

Hello Wondrous readers! Today I want to share some amazing reading products with you!

Tilisma is a company that has a mission to make reading more comfortable, especially with hardcover books. Their products are hand-crafted with high-quality walnut wood. Their goal is to make Tilisma products your favorite products. They value their customer’s feedback and listen to what you have to say so that they can exceed their customer’s expectations.

A few months back, I ordered one of their book page holders to make my reading experience more comfortable. I absolutely fell in love, so I was excided when they wanted to send me some free products!

Even though their page holders are advertised to make hardback cover books more comfortable to read, I also love using them for my paperback books. I tend to lay on my side while I read so page holders really comes in handy.

They are lightweight and overall comfortable to use. My only complaint is more my fault than theirs. I ordered a size too big for my first one so it can at times be difficult to use. I think a tighter fit that rests at the top of my thumb would make the world of a difference.

So when ordering, make sure you order the right size for you!

The other product Tilisma sent to me was their bookmark/letter opener! I have actually had my eyes on their bookmark/letter opener for some time, so I was excited to receive it!

This bookmark came in the cutest package ever! It had its own little envelope with stitching all around its edges.

The bookmark itself is super lightweight and thin so it won’t damage your books at all! Although it is lightweight and thin, it is very sturdy and strong so no damage will happen to it as well.

The wood is beautiful and complements the book pages wonderfully. It is one of the most beautiful bookmarks I own!

Lastly, this bookmark can also be used as a letter opener! As someone who also likes to write penpal letters occasionally, this was the perfect combo for me! I tested it out last night and it worked great!

Tilisma can be found on Amazon for an affordable price. For the quality of these products, the prices are amazing!

With the holiday’s approaching, I think Tilisma is a perfect stop to grab some beautiful gifts for those special readers in your life. Make sure you snag one of these products for them or yourself! You won’t regret it!

🤩🤩Tunnel Vision🤩🤩 from Cole’s Instagram

🤩🤩Tunnel Vision🤩🤩

💫 I was so graciously gifted these amazing book accessories by @tilisma_book_accessories to try; let me tell you, not only are they beautifully crafted, they make the world of difference while reading. (And opening letters.)

💫 I love the fact they glide on the pages as if it’s just meant to be there rather than catch the bottom of the pages as I turn.

I would honestly recommend them for an easier reading time.

Tilisma Reading Accessories by Molli 📖

A nice blog from The.Bookish.Mom

What bookish accessory do you not know what you did before them?

One of mine is the Tilisma book page holder! Y’all know I love my paperback books. They’re lighter, smaller, and let’s be honest, cheaper than hardbacks. Of all the pro’s to my lovely paperbacks, one big con was how they don’t lay flat and my small fingers start to hurt after a while!

Enter the Tilisma book page holder.

I first saw them when my good friend and fellow book blogger Ashley featured them on her Instagram! I immediately started checking them out, and Tilisma was kind enough to offer to send me some along with their gorgeous handmade wooden book mark/letter opener.

I knew as soon as I started using it the page holder would be an accessory I wouldn’t leave home without. I love how lightweight and compact it is – I throw it in my book sleeve with my book so I always have it with me!

Tilisma sent me the heart holder, and their classic wave looking style, and between the two I find myself using the wave style one more. It’s a little less bulky than the heart page holder.

I also love the feel of the wooden book mark. It has a very sophisticated and expensive feeling, which I think says a lot about the quality and craftsmanship! I haven’t used it to open any letters because it’s always in my book!

Short Instagram review from @book_club_at_kelseys 🥰

@book_club_at_kelseys 💝

Do you have a favorite bookish accessory?

I got these page holders from @tilisma_book_accessories last year & now I can’t live without them! They make reading so much more comfortable & allow me to hold my book open with one hand, & make the bed (or not 🤪) with the other 😉

They have all kinds of products & would make great gifts for your favorite bookworms!

Check them out at www.amazon.com/tilisma 📖

Check out Shayla’s blog about TILISMA Reading Accessories

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“I wanted to pop on here and share that I am doing a giveaway over on my Instagram for these gorgeous book page holders from Tilisma! These are some handmade wooden page holders that make reading a physical book much less painful! Between using our phones all day and trying to prop open a 400-page book with my thumb and my pinky, my hands can really hurt by the end of the day. I’ve been using this for the last two weeks now and pretty much all of the aches and soreness is gone! This would also make a great gift for any bookworms you know!…”

How Do I Read? – Meghan’s story about TILISMA 💝

Read the full story on Meghan’s blog


I had meant for this post to go out a lot sooner than this, but I never felt it was right to publish until Christmas was around the corner, so, this is a two-in-one kind of blog post as I answer a question you’ve probably had on your mind since the start of the year, how do I read? The other is going to be about a brilliant company that makes these cute and smart gift ideas for readers and students!

…I follow and love a great deal of BookTubers (people on YouTube who mostly discuss bookish things.) and I was on Chelsea Palmer’s channel, watching yet another haul but she started off the video with introducing her audience to these neat products, by the name of TILISMA and the only description worth explaining on how they look is imagine Batman’s bat knifes he throws at crooks on the run and the sharp edges would pin the person up against the wall. If you have no idea of what I am talking about, this is what they generally look like.

…I wanted to say something special for the team of TILISMA before I go. Thank you so much for creating these little things. They are clever and so easy to use! I know you probably never thought someone such as myself would message you out of the blue like I did, but thank you for not only being patient but also working with me to (hopefully) reach a even bigger audience for you in the future!”