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Our Story

We the people who created TILISMA are just like you! We love to read a lot. Books have made an enormous influence on us year after another and we have realized that people who read have so much in common. We have a lot of interests; we want to explore more and we love bookish ideas. Don’t we?!
Our team is trying to support bookworms around the world and aim to make the reading process as popular as possible. We want to start the ‘back2book movement’ 🙂
Our motto is ‘Read anywhere anytime’ That’s why here in TILISMA, we decided to create a company that would produce book accessories. During the working process we found out that we could create products that facilitate the reading process for everyone in many occasions never taught before.

        2000+ POSITIVE REVIEWS      Worldwide Delivery

TILISMA was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2018. For the reason that its founders respect nature and all the readers around the world, most of our book accessories are handmade from natural Caucasian wood. Quality is our main priority.

TILISMA produces handmade wooden book accessories. We sell them online on Amazon and eBay and plan to start selling them offline as well. In fact, our partner in Jordan found us through Facebook and has already begun to sell our product in bookstores and the airport.

Here we have the complete lineup of our products for today:

Infinity – book page holder
Oval – book page holder
Sandwich – book page holder
Heart – book page holder
Moustache – book page holder
Letter Opener & Bookmark
Wooden Bookends
Wooden Bookstand
Gift Book
Leather Journal
Wooden Pen
Wooden Organizer

All of our page holders have different size options. Through the comments of our customers, we were able to find out that they are pleased to be able to find our product in exactly their sizes. 
Over time, it has helped us to discover that people enjoy our product. In less than 2 years, we have more than 10,000 reviews in total for all our products on Amazon. The majority of them are positive or even ultra-positive 🙂 We were extremely happy when we noticed that there are some people in the world who enjoy our reading accessories so much that they spend more time with books. That’s why it seems to us the ‘Back2book movement’ to be going in the right direction. This kind of feedback gave us more strength to work on different ideas, to have different and smart designs, to create more bookish items. TILISMA never stops.

We have in mind to create three more book accessories in the near future: The book stand and two models of bookends are being prepared to launch this year.

As far as we have a lot of support from our customers, we try to be presented on as many social media platforms as we can. We try to be in close cooperation with our bookworm friends on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok. We even created Facebook group to unify lovers of reading accessories from around the world

Be real bookworm – Read Anywhere & Anytime

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