TILISMA - read anywhere anytime!

Here in TILISMA we believe, reading is the best way to enjoy life, evolve, and be a part of the worldwide intellectual club. Our mission is to make reading hard cover books (as, yes, this is the real book) easier and more comfortable for everyone.

Our fundamental philosophy lies in non-stop enhancement and honing of our product. We listen to your feedback carefully and try to exceed your expectations. It is our ultimate goal to make TILISMA your all-time favorite product.

Exquisite Design

TILISMA wooden knife and it’s packaging is designed by Ramaz Kiknadze, architect and artist, who believes in reviving Old mastery and wisdom.

We wanted to create a wooden bookmark inspired by antiquity, which would be useful on its own. Wooden letter openers were used by nobles and scholars for centuries and now it is available for you too! Because of millennia old shape, this walnut dagger is used by people in many different (sometimes quite weird) ways. Maybe you will find you own :)

Elegant Desk Accessory

The letter opener is made from the highest quality walnut tree wood. Besides giving it an amazing look, The material enables our craftsmen to make it very thin to use as bookmark. The knife is hard and sharp enough to cut envelopes, without damaging the content.

Unique Gift

The coolest gift idea for everyone who likes classy items. Gift it to any professional for their office as an extravagant letter opener, or to your book lover friend as a cool book mark.

The dagger comes in it’s own scabbard made from craft paper, sewed together by hand.

Dimensions – 6.7″ X 2″ X 0.1″